Current Phase - Karmaship
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Welcome To The Experience Economy

No ICO, no centralized exchanges, building a healthy economy for all
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Initial coin distribution has never been so secure or fair

Karmaship is currently in it’s coin distribution phase. Unlike other projects that sell their initial coin or tokens through an ICO or offer them on an exchange, Karmaship airdrops Karma Experience tokens (KEX) for free at Genesis Experiences which can then be used to Gather Karmics (KMX). Say goodbye to whale market manipulation and centralized corruption!

Find a Genesis Experience, start Gathering KMX and become a Karmaconomy Ambassador today!

The Bitcoin Experience

As a next generation experiential blockchain project, Karmaship is providing the ultimate crypto experience for its distribution period through the ‘Bitcoin Experience’. Just like those lucky enough to mine Bitcoin back in the early days of 2009 and ‘10, the current phase is giving initial experiencers the same opportunity to get on the ground floor of the next wave of crypto. With an internal peg of 1 to 1 KMX to BTC, and with the ability to Gather coin by validating at a genesis experience, people who missed out on Bitcoin now have a second chance to generate real wealth in crypto.
Harnessing the power of Bitcoin
• 1 to 1 peg KMX to BTC
• 21 mil KMX cap
• Gathering works like Proof Of Work
• Block rewards double instead of halve

A revolutionary economy model for honest growth and adoption

Karmaship’s focus is on creating the most fair, decentralized cryptocurrency on the planet. The team and community are taking every precaution to protect this newborn baby economy by keeping the coin's distribution secure and its value based on adoption via the network effect. This means no ICO and no centralized exchanges. In the near future, Karmaship will launch its own DEX (decentralized exchange) that will allow Experiencers to get Bitcoin for their KMX and Karmafund, an innovative crowdfunding platform. We have solved the liquidity problem through a very unique use of KEX with the DEX and Karmafund.